The Book of Life, No Such Thing & The Girl From Monday

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The Book of Life, No Such Thing & The Girl From Monday

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The complete and definitive scenarios for Hal Hartley’s films The Book of Life (1997), No Such Thing (1999), and The Girl from Monday (2003).

“For years I’ve wanted to get these three screenplays all put together in a book. They were all conceived around the same time (late 1997 to the middle of 2000), one after the other, inspired by similar interests and discontents. And—after all this time—I decided to rewrite them almost more like novels, freeing them from most of the technical requirements of the screenplay form, allowing myself to describe the invisible workings of each character’s mind and heart—and my own attitudes about the situations I describe. I’m no novelist—at least not yet—though retelling these stories in this manner has gotten me excited about trying! But most of all I just wanted to get the stories out there in book form. The three films are pretty off-the-beaten-track to begin with and they were distributed in only a small way. Which is perfectly ok. But I think they work as a good reading experience too. I took this opportunity to write in greater depth about the ideas and situations that are dealt with more lightly in the films.”  —Hal Hartley

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229 pages